Since 1978

Demonstration Meters

Valid From : 09 - Aug - 2021

Valid Until : 31 - Oct - 2021

Price: $ 146

Basic Student Meter with shunts and multipliers

Originally designed to meet the Nuffield A-level Physics specification, for many years it has set the standard in low-cost analogue meters for education, being flexible and robust in use.

The meter has two scales (2-0-10 and 1-0-5) and adding a shunt or multiplier converts it into a dual or triple range ammeter or voltmeter; Large range of a.c. & d.c. currents and voltages may be measured

The basic meter will be delivered with 7 different shunts and multipliers:

Multiplier 5/10VAC, Multiplier 20/50VAC, Multiplier dual +/- 5VDC

Shunt 50/100mADC, Shunt 2/10ADC, Shunt 1/5/10AAC, Shunt dual +/- 3.5mA